Arbitration and Mediation are two of several areas of dispute resolution that comprise Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR).


Arbitration and Mediation offer a very viable, expedient and growing departure from the traditional judicial system. For example, the time required to schedule a hearing can be relatively short compared to a normal civil trial that often takes years. Other salient ingredients that permeate both Arbitration and Mediation are that no public record is created and confidentiality be observed.

ADR is a new experience not only for attorneys but their clients. The issue is oftentimes raised whether an attorney has a legal duty to inform his client of the availability of ADR.

I will develop a succinct explanation to compare Litigation with Arbitration and Mediation. My working experience with people, various business enterprises and organizations coupled with a legal education and practice, I believe, offers me a solid foundation in the ADR field.

My biography herein available corroborates that fact.

"The Dealers' Plight 2008"

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