Arbitration and Mediation are two of several areas of dispute resolution that compromise Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR).

:: Why DrivingForce ADR

Whether the format is Arbitration or Mediation, my goal is to always remain, OBJECTIVE, maintain NEUTRALITY and to LISTEN to all Parties in a dispute.

While these goals might seem simplistic, my direction is to always concentrate on them.

The confluence of years dealing with people, in one capacity or another, and their concerns, and my background enable me to feel confident to handle various conflict situations.

One of my fortes has been my willingness to make a decision, even in extremely complex and daunting scenarios. Travel is not an issue.

Arbitration and Mediation have exposed me to both the decision process and the preparatory stages.

I have set hearing dates and location; reserved types of rooms required, handled availability of food, resolved any restrictive requirements and created location directions.



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